left Sigworth's Dust: Chapter 3

Monday, 12 November 2007

Chapter 3

The birds woke early and their cheery songs travelled through the frosty air like the smell of baking bread on a cold morning. Through the gap in the curtains the sun entered the room without an invitation.

A ray of sun-light rested on the bedcovers and as the morning declared its existence, the growing light surrounded the bed and its sleeper, who was lost in a satisfying dream.

A pair of arms appeared from under the covers and participated in a drawn-out stretch.

Eventually the eyes began to open as if unaccustomed to the light, like a creature emerging from hibernation.

George smiled as she remembered the dream. She liked the feeling of winning, of actually achieving something and proving to those around her that she wasn’t a nobody.

‘George, breakfast!’ came her mothers booming voice, as if it had been travelling for days.

George hesitated. She couldn’t help it. Daydreaming was her favourite part of the day, the time when she could be whomever she wanted and not just plain old Georgina Hartwell, who was no good at anything, not even maths.

She lay still for a few moments, absorbing the peaceful atmosphere. Or at least it would have been peaceful if her grandfather wasn’t in the next room, snoring as loud as his nasal passageways would allow. George thought he sounded like a helicopter circling above. She could never understand how he managed to keep doing it without waking himself up in the process.

George didn’t feel like getting up.

‘Five more minutes won’t hurt,’ she convinced herself and snuggled back under the covers.