left Sigworth's Dust: Argghhhh!

Sunday, 16 December 2007


The bustling sounds of morning flew in through the open window. The sun was shining and the breeze was dancing with the leaves on the trees.

George sleepily rubbed her eyes as she became re-accustomed with the shapes in her room. She sat up and stretched, letting out an enormous yawn, which appeared to disturb something at the end of her bed.

‘Arghh!’ cried George.

‘Arghh!’ shrieked Ponkle.

‘Arghh!’ yelled the pair of them together.

George flung herself under the bedclothes in the hope that whatever it was she had just seen would disappear as fast as it had appeared. Ponkle, on the other hand, dived under the bed, his whole body quivering with fright.

After a short while, George found an ounce of courage and emerged from under the crumpled covers. She tucked her long brown hair behind her ears and warily scanned her room. So far so good, she thought. She then, ever so slowly, crawled to the end of the bed and lent over.

‘Arghh!’ they both yelled again but this time nobody moved. Their eyes locked and neither could tell who was the most frightened.