left Sigworth's Dust: Trunglers in trouble

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Trunglers in trouble

Tolita scowled.

‘Must I do everything myself?’ she bellowed.

‘Terrible sorry, your Honour-ess but really were no sign of ‘im,’ whimpered Quibley, who was, at this moment, an extremely worried Trungler.

‘Searched place top ta bottom,’ added Umpwiffle, trying not to think about those threatened Fogflops. They could be on their way any time now.

The bunch of anxious creatures were knelt before Tolita, who, incidentally, was preoccupied observing a comical little Boffwungler enjoying one of the new creations which had arrived a few hours earlier from the lab.

She did not have time for excuses.

‘Well...don’t just kneel there like overgrown worms,’ she yelled.


‘Get to work. Unless you want to join my friend here.’

The four Trunglers turned towards the chamber. Wumple stuck out his tongue in pure defiance.

‘Yes, your greatness.’

‘Right ‘way, your Judge-ness.’

‘No stoppin’ us.’

‘Ya wish is our...’

‘SHUT UP!’ Tolita was losing patience, she reckoned she could manage perfectly well without these four. ‘MASTER OF DARKNESS…..’, she began...

The four three eyed, five legged Trunglers scattered, then nearly fell over one another in panic, trying to escape through the small opening at the rear of the Judgmental chamber which had not been designed for so many awkward bodies to scramble through simultaneously.

Tolita smirked. This time she had only been joking. Now, there was work to do.

‘Umpwiffle!’ she summoned.

Well she certainly did not intend on walking.