left Sigworth's Dust: End of Part One

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

End of Part One

George, who had just witnessed the two helpless Boffwunglers evaporate into thin air, figured that she must do something quick before the same fate befell herself. Tolita had her eyes closed and a strange look of intense concentration on her face. The Trungler creature was still staring at her but she knew she must take the chance. She bent down and began to wriggle her feet out of her socks. She promptly succeeded in the task and before long her bare feet came into contact with the ground. She looked pleadingly at the Trungler, who simply continued to gawp at her. He then did something very odd indeed. He pointed away to her right and then winked at her with one of his three eyes. She felt as if he was giving her a chance to escape, she didn’t know why and she wasn’t going to wait to find out. She took one last look at Tolita who was swaying from side to side, hypnotised by her previous spell, before heading into a cluster of bushes to her right, leaving behind nothing but a pair of her favourite socks.