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Saturday, 2 August 2008

What next?

‘When shall we attack?’ asked a warrior-like Mumtwip with a strong urge to attack anything that moved.

‘Eka Rbt Cyzl!’ said Cecil (sorry, there is a page missing from the translation book but I would hazard a guess that it meant ‘night of the eclipse, ten minutes after sundown’).

The group dispersed. Four muscle bound Mumtwips remained to guard the entrance. Not to stop anything undesirable from getting in but rather to keep something valuable to them from getting out.

George was still sat uncomfortably on the damp floor where they had left her. She was cold down here in only her pyjamas, hungry too, they had given her nothing but a measly bowl of murky water, which was lying untouched near her feet. From the opening up there, it looked to be a warm, sunny day. She wondered if she would ever see the light of day again. She dragged herself to her feet to stretch her limbs and as she looked around in the dim light she noticed that she had been sitting on something.

She picked the soggy piece of paper up off the ground. She could see it quite clearly now her eyes were growing accustomed to the light. On it was a drawing of a cluster of caves. One of the caves had been marked in red with the letters ‘OB’. Surrounding the caves on the picture were sketches of creatures resembling Boffwunglers, lying on the ground. George weren’t sure whether they were dead or only sleeping. A thought flashed through her mind. She looked back at the cave with the red letters on. It looked mighty familiar.

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